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Toby’s Tails (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 1)

With full colour photographs.

See the world through the eyes of a delightful sheepdog named Toby, who just happens to live in the beautiful French countryside. Toby’s Tails relates the first year in the life of author Susan Keefe’s Border Collie, starting on the French farm where he was born.

His life changes forever when Toby is adopted. He bonds with his new family, their goat, Molly, and Lucky, the old Golden Retriever who becomes Toby’s mentor.

Toby’s lessons about the world around him include the changing of the seasons, his interaction with other animals, and what he learns from them about birth, death and other inevitable life events.

“Based on her experiences as an animal lover and smallholder, and featuring her own animals, the author has created in ‘Toby’s Tails’ an enchanting book to educate children about the needs of animals and the importance of kindness to all living creatures. In this delightful story, Toby the lovable Border Collie relates in a lighthearted manner the adventures of his animal companions, both domestic and wild, and touches sensitively and gently on the occasional inevitable small tragedies that are a part of their life cycle. I believe this is a perfect book to inform and entertain younger readers about the wonders of the animal kingdom.” Susie Kelly, Author.



Toby’s Tails – The Chicken Patrol (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 2)

Chicken Patrol mod1With full colour photographs.
Bubbles the hen has lost her chick. A meeting is called. Is there a fox about?
The Chickens with the help of Toby the Border Collie must solve the mystery and make Fantasy Farm a safe place again.






Also available in French – Toby et Compagnie – Le Mystere du Poulailler

and Spanish – La Patrulla de las Gallinas



Toby’s Tails – Billy and Daisy’s Big Adventure (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 3)

Billy and Daisy big adventure mod1

With full colour photographs.

Billy and Daisy are kids, but not the human kind, they’re baby goats!

One day their life changes forever when they go to live at Fantasy Farm with Toby the Border Collie and all his farmyard friends.

They are very happy, but, one day, by accident the gate opens and they decide to explore, their ‘Big adventure’ has begun….





Toby’s Tails – Still Wagging (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 4)

Toby's Tails - Still Wagging edged

Still Wagging continues Toby the Border Collie’s adventures at Fantasy Farm, the smallholding where he grew up.
In this, the enchanting follow up to the popular Toby’s Tails, the reader, young or old can enjoy meeting again all Toby’s original farm and wild animal friends from the first book, and be introduced to many more.
It’s fun to read, yet educational too, so why not take up this invitation to join Toby and his human mum, the author as they discovers many new things about the natural world, and introduce more animals and birds to the growing menagerie at Fantasy Farm.

Also available in French – Toby et Compagnie – Ca bouge toujours!



Toby’s Tails – The Christmas Kittens (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 5)


When Toby’s owners rescue three little kittens they quickly discover how rewarding, yet mischievous they can be.

Follow the kittens’ progress as they have their first visit to the vets.

Discover how they gain confidence, and explore their world, under the watchful eye of Toby the Border Collie.

Then join the kittens, and Toby, as they celebrate their first Christmas at Fantasy Farm, and discover the fun and games which take place when you have a kitten, or three in the house.

10% of the profit of each book sold will be donated to Hélianthus, an animal charity based in Pre-en-Pail, France.

This book is also available in French – Toby et compagnie – Les chatons de Noel

and Spanish – Las aventuras de Toby – Los Gatitos de Navidad


Toby’s Tails – Saying Goodbye to Lucky (Fantasy Farm Tales Book 6)

Saying Goodbye to Toby Front Cover.jpg resizeLosing an animal is devastating for young and old alike. Our pets are part of our family and for many losing them is like losing a family member.

When we lost Lucky, our Golden Retriever, a dear companion who had been with us a long time, we were all devastated. Lucky was a key character in the very first Toby’s Tails book as Toby’s mentor, and I felt his passing couldn’t go unmarked.

I like many others believe that animals have souls. When I read that the Zulu and Ndebele people who live in southern Africa believe that the stars are their dead ancestors watching over them, I thought that this was wonderful. So I decide to write this book believing that this would be a gentle way of explaining to children, the passing of a loved pet, or human family member, and a way for them to come to terms with their loss.

I hope readers of this story will take away with them not only comfort and hope, but see it for what it is, a celebration of the character Lucky was, and will always be remembered as, every time we look at the night sky



Toby’s Tails – Easter at Fantasy Farm (Fantasy Farm Tales) (Volume 7)

front-cover-award-jpg-2In this special Easter book Toby the Border Collie takes Connor and Mason, the grandchildren exploring around the farm and down at the lake.

There are lots of new creatures to see and learn about, however, even Toby is confused when he hears strange noises coming from a hole under a tree.

Will Toby discover who is making the noises?

What are the strange things in the lake, and what will they turn into? Join Toby and the children at Fantasy Farm, and discover if they get a visit from a special furry friend on Easter Sunday?


Toby’s Tails – Toby Visits Chats du Quercy (Fantasy Farm Tales) (Volume 8)

CDQ2In this very special book Toby, and his human Mum and Dad, go on holiday to the Pyrenees region of France to visit Chats du Quercy rescue centre, in Miramont-du-Quercy. Chats du Quercy opened in 2010, and is unique in France in that it is the only Adoption centre solely dedicated to helping abandoned cats. Run by feline behaviourist Lynn Stone, and her husband Ron, over the years it has helped, and saved literally thousands of cats and kittens, an average of 350 per year. Through the interaction of Toby the Border Collie, and Billy, Chats du Quercy’s feline mascot, the reader will discover the rescue stories behind some of the cats and kittens who have stayed at this very special place, and the importance of responsible pet ownership. This book is a tribute to the hard work and dedication of all Chats du Quercy’s helpers, volunteers and supporters, without whom Chats du Quercy wouldn’t exist. 50% of the profit from every book/eBook sold will go to them to support their work, and projects in the years to come…

Also available in French – Toby et Compagnie – Toby rend visite – Chats du Quercy–rend-visite-Fantasy/dp/1534713700/ref=la_B007DV5UX6_1_16?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1472133556&sr=1-16–rend-visite-Fantasy/dp/1534713700/ref=la_B007DV5UX6_1_16?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1472133725&sr=1-16


8 Responses to “The Toby’s Tails series of Children’s Books – Discover what’s Coming Next!”

  1. I have a 7 years old grandson with ASDs, including ADHD, he settles to nothing! Well, that’s no longer true, grandson loves me to tell him about Toby’s adventures, and he becomes totally absorbed in Toby’s pics! Animals and children are feared by stage and film divas, and I can see why! Looking through the eyes of Toby the Border Collie, and telling the stories from Toby’s perspective, what a wonderful way to actually reach children, even children who have difficulties with using their imagination, empathy and sympathy. Great for grandparents, too! 🙂

    Grandson and I look forward to reading many more of Toby’s Tails.

  2. admin says:

    Thank you Chrissie I am so happy you and your grandson enjoy reading about my World, I will make sure I share my adventures with you.

    Love Toby

  3. Chloe says:

    This enchanting book is a delight for children as they learn about the world through the eyes of Toby the Border Collie. Toby is a friendly, playful, and curious character, and the author’s wonderful descriptions of Toby’s world make the story a pleasure for grown-ups to read, too!

    Fun and full of interesting facts, with some lovely pictures, I can highly recommend this book for youngsters (especially those as bouncy and inquisitive as Toby!).

  4. admin says:

    5.0 out of 5 stars Magical, Educational and Inspiring Story 3 Jun 2012

    By Green_eyes


    A Heart warming story which my children loved. This book has a lovely educational angle which taught my children about the animals they were reading about as well as important life events. I enjoyed reading it to my children so much that i have taken it into there School for the other children to enjoy. This is a story that both children and adults will enjoy alike. I am hoping that this will be turned into a television series or film so I can see the real life Toby on the big screen.

    I’m very much looking forward to this Authors next book.

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