The air is full of the sound of frogs a wooing at the moment.

During the day, but especially at night, all we can hear is this.

The male and female frogs mated and the female laid the spawn between February and April depending on the temperatures. There is always a lot of frog spawn because it is food for a lot of the creatures which live in, on or above the lakes and ponds.


Usually it is laid at the edge between the reeds as a way of hiding it from newts, fish and other creatures.

Over time, the eggs evolve into tadpoles as this is a wonderful time lapse video shows.

Gradually the tadpoles develop legs, whilst living under water, then they drop their tails and eventually emerge as tiny little frogs.

Walking at the moment can be quite hazardous as the young frogs are hopping around in the grass. You see one jump and then the next thing you know there is a loud plopping noise, as it launches itself into the water.

Over the summer those young frogs which manage to survive predators will grow up.

If you look carefully along the edges of ponds, sometimes you can see a frog watching you!

In winter the frogs either go down to the bottom of the pond and bury themselves in the mud, or they find a place on land, under dry leaves or in a log, and hibernate.

When the weather begins to warm up the frogs will come out of hibernation and go back to the pond they left at the beginning of winter. Ready to start mating again.

Bye for now.

Susan and Toby



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