A new supervisor has arrived.


Our kitten is growing quickly and now he is competing with me supervising, well in the office at least.

Mum spends most days writing, or reviewing books, and my place is at her feet, which is fine as every so often I pop up onto her leg and have a little cuddle. However, Domino has now discovered how to climb up onto the table and lays on Mum’s desk, watching her work, or trying to catch the tails of the older cats as they go past, totally unaware he is up there.


When its time to feed the outside animals however he is happy to let me be with Mum, you see he doesn’t like the wet weather at the moment, and he still finds the horses a bit intimidating.

Quite often he just cuddles up against me and falls asleep, or, like all the cats, finds himself a box. Most afternoons he has a long sleep, after all he is only 4 months old.


I am writing this whilst he has his afternoon nap, but now he is just waking up, and so I guess I had better be ready to entertain him.


Bye for now…


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