Probably the most easily recognised and most favourite wild bird is the robin. His chirp is easily recognisable and because of his love of being around us, he has, over the years gained status in our folk-law, in that many people believe that when a robin is near it is the soul of a dearly departed visiting them.

The robin red breast is also very popular on Christmas cards, however it is only the adults of both sexes which have red breasts, young robins breast are speckled golden brown.

The above lovely photograph is courtesy of Stuart Lilley Photography.


Robins are very territorial and will aggressively see off other contenders.

Their nests usually can be found in nooks and crannies, hedges and climbing plants. The nest, which is cup shaped, is built by the female out of moss and dead leaves, she then lines it with hair. She will normally lay 4 to 6 beautiful blue eggs.

If you fancy having a go a making a robin next box, they are one of the easiest boxes to make because robins are open nesters which means the box doesn’t have a front on it.

Below is a video with some easy to follow plans, remember though to make sure the box is well hidden place.

For those who would like to have a sneak peak inside their box, please resist the temptation, the mother will abandon the chicks. Instead why not take a look at this excellent time-lapse video.

They are the gardeners friend as they eat seeds, fruit, earthworms and bugs, and they are also good companions as they sing most of the year. Below is a video of their song.

In our next blog we will look at another favourite bird the Blue Tit.


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