Birthday visit to England

Well, this weekend was exciting.

It was Chris’ birthday and we went to England to see him.  I have been to the UK lots of times before so I tend to sleep along the autoroutes. It’s a good job they have tolls, you know, dad slowing the car warns me and I have a chance to sit up, have a stretch and see how far we’ve gone.

I don’t mind Eurotunnel, the people at Pet Passports know me and are always friendly and the train doesn’t bother me at all. I learn’t when I was a very young dog to take the lead from my mum and dad, so, when I went on the train under the ground and sea for the first time, I slinked into the foot well, it was small, dark and seemed safe. However, I quickly realised that dad had gone to sleep – big clue – his snores! Mum was reading a book as usual. It got me thinking, why am I crunched up here in the dark when I could be taking up the whole of the back seat and sleeping like dad. So, I crept out and dozed for the whole journey, no problem. Sometimes I meet other dogs at the tunnel and they are worried but I tell them “Don’t worry it’s nothing, just have a kip for half an hour and you’ll be there!”

Anyway Chris came round to nanny and granddads with Jade his fiancee. He had some presents then mum went into the kitchen, she had made him a chocolate birthday cake with chocolate icing and a Transformer on it in France just before we left. Granddad and mum put some sticks in the top and granddad lit them, they were sparklers and very bright. I kept an eye on them as you can see in the picture! I wasn’t allowed any cake, chocolate isn’t good for me they say, so I had some Markies instead.

Chris played with the Transformer all night, when he wasn’t playing with me of course 🙂

The next morning we went back home to France through the tunnel, it was a long way, but fun!

Bye for now.. Toby x





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