As readers of our blog will know, we have some lovely chickens at Fantasy Farm, and they lay delicious eggs, so I thought it would be nice to share with you some fun facts about them.

Did you know? 

Healthy Chickens lay about 265 eggs a year, AND they lay the eggs whether or not there is a cockerel (male) in the run with them.

The colour of the eggs is not the same as the colour of the hen, although some brown hens lay brown eggs, black hens like our Jessica and Rebecca, who are a breed called Marans, lay brown eggs too.

Chickens eat anything, plants, bugs, leftovers, which is very handy.

Chickens are the nearest relatives to DINOSAURS, yes they are! Researches have proven that they are living dinosaurs – how cool is that!

Mummy chickens talk to their babies when they are still in their shell, you can hear them clucking to them, if you listen.

Oh, and anyone who has chickens will know that they cluck after they have laid an egg.

It is quite normal for chickens to swallow small stones, they help with the digestion if their food.

Chickens like to run, jump, play and sunbathe like humans, this is why it is so cruel to keep them indoors in small cages.

Most chickens live 5 to 8 years.

Chickens have been kept by humans for over 7,000 years, they were first kept by people in India and China.

Keeping chickens as pets and for eggs is becoming very popular, even in towns.

Chickens have a very large vocabulary, they make lots of different noises and are very entertaining to watch and listen to.

In Japan, people eat fried chicken and strawberry shortcake on Christmas Eve!


There is so much more to chickens that people realise, they are very intelligent, and are real characters. as you will know from reading our books. However, they do need help from me as a guardian sometimes, as you can read about in the second Toby’s Tails book, Toby’s Tails: The Chicken Patrol

Our chickens feature in all of the Toby’s Tails books, and there is even one in the new book which will be out soon – oops – I let that slip out – well I am sure Mum won’t mind.


Bye for now…



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