Fascinating Facts about Wild Boar

We live on the edge of a national forest and so we are very lucky to see many wild animals, including wild boar.

Wild boar are wild pigs, or more to the point pigs were once wild boar, before humans domesticated them, and in fact if a sow pig escapes into the wild it can settle down and mate with a wild boar.

Like pigs the male is called a boar, the female a sow, and the babies piglets.

These beautiful animals get a lot of bad press, however, like most wild animals they will only attack if they are afraid and are cornered.

You should never let your dog chase wild boar because the boar if threatened could attack and even kill your pet.

It is a sad fact wild boar are hunted for their meat. Did you know, in yesteryear brushes and toothbrushes used to be made out of the hair on a wild boars back.

Wild boars have four toes on each foot, although they actually walk on the two middle ones. Below is a foot print we found in the forest.



Like pigs, wild boar are very intelligent animals, however, whilst pigs tails are curly, wild boars are straight!

They eat all sorts of things from frogs and fish to nuts, fruits and even small mammals.

They have a very strong sense of smell but poor eye sight.

The wild boar live deep in the forest usually in small herds of 6 -20, although really large groups of about 100 have been recorded.

The sow gives birth usually to between 4 and 8 piglets, however there can be as many as 13.

Here is a lovely video of a wild boar sow and her piglets.


Bye for now, Susan and Toby



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