Love Transcends Species


Hi everyone,

On Saint Valentines Day I would like to write a little post (with Mum’s help of course) about love.

Sometimes there is a lot of bad press about animals disliking one another, both the same species and different. However when you look around you in the word there are also wonderful examples of animals helping others, protecting them, and bringing up animals and birds which traditionally they are supposed to hate.

It is often said that dogs and cats do not like each other, and sometimes they don’t, but my life has changed since a little black and white kitten arrived at our house last August.

Domino, as he is now called has adopted me as his dad, and follows me everywhere, sits beside me all the day. He plays with me and waits next to mum when she is cooking, like I do, and watches wistfully when I go out in the car with mum leaving him behind, which makes me very sad.

So, when people talk about hate, just remember that there is an awful lot of love in this world, between all sorts of animals both human and otherwise.

Happy St Valentines Day from me, and my brother from a different mother.





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