Chicken Patrol

The summer weather is all very nice, but it makes my life very busy.

The kitchen door is always open, which I like because the stone step is wonderfully cool to lie my head on, and the lips at just the right height to be comfy.  The trouble is, if I decide to kip on my favourite armchair the doorway is unguarded. What would you need to guard it against, I can hear you ask, well, it’s not cowboys and indians, I can tell you, its Bubba, the hen.

She has become the bain of my life! Not only does she continually wander in, she also brings in a friend or two, given the chance.

There I am, upside down, [don’t ask, its a ‘Collie’ thing], relaxing and all of a sudden I am disturbed by the call “Chickens’ Toby,” I mean, what can a Collie do, but jump to it’s feet and get to work.

I could pretend to you that I strike fear into the chickens – but I don’t, I stand next to Bubba and she just looks at me. Now I’m not silly, I’m too sensible to poke her with my nose – I’ve seen them beaks at work when they pick on eachother, no way am I going there. My solution is, to stand next to her and shuffle forwards towards the door, she goes out then and any of her friends that were with her too.

The yard is another matter. With acres of land to wander in, and their poop hole on the other side, it is beyond me why the chickens have to come into MY yard. Ok, Bubba is the exception, I have given up long ago with her. The rest I chase out. They’re not worried about me really, but at the sight of me racing towards them they do have the presence of mind to gather up their skirts, run up the yard,and jump onto the gate out the way.

Mum has posted a picture of me helping them back to the otherside, you see, sometimes they are undecided where to go from there, so I have to poke my nose YOU KNOW WHERE to encourage them.

Anyway, must go some nose poking’s in order I think!


P.S. No chickens were hurt, upset or otherwise disgruntled by actions of this blogger.

How do they know?

I’ve decided that it’s confession time. I know it’s hard to believe but I am not infact perfect! Yes, you heard right, you see, I’ve conquered the no chasing animals, cars, joggers, bicycles etc. I do have lots of energy, but I’m not manic – well not too. But, I have to admit, yes here it comes… I dig holes. There its out.

In by defense I have to say, I’m not like a rabbit, just digging willy-nilly anywhere I please, mine are for a purpose. You see, its those mice and moles, they live inderground and with my, well lets face it – perfect hearing [no aplause needed] I can hear them, and they drive me wild!

Other people saunter along listening to bird song etc, but I, well I just can’t resist finding those critters skittering their tiny feet under my paws.Apparently its a breed thing [BIG sigh!] us Border Collies are just so sensitive.

So, given the chance i.e. as soon as mum and dad’s backs turned I’m nose first down any hole I can find, and IF there’s something down there, then, watch out Australia – here I come.

Now comes the awkward bit – I have to confess I haven’t ACTALLY caught anything yet – and to be honest I’m not sure what I would do with it if I did, certainly not what the cats do Yuk!

But the place is becoming a bit like a minefield at the moment – whatever that is, and they seem to know that I’ve been digging even if they haven’t seen me at work. I don’t know how, do you?




Today we’ve had a lovely day out, we’ve been back to my breeders for a barbecue! I’ve had a great time, I’ve seen by brother Spot and my dad Sam and had loads of cuddles of course.

Now, I noticed this morning the car looked different, then, just when I thought we were leaving to go home, two sheep were put into the back. Now this put me out a bit. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with sheep, I know how to work them but close to I behave impeccably, it’s just that usually the back of the car belongs to me. This afternoon however, I have to share it with mum so she can keep an eye on them.

We’d a fair distance to go and I wasn’t sure how the sheep were going to like it, but after a few minutes they settled down good as gold. I have to admit, we needed the windows down a little for fresh air, two large sheep in a Mondeo boot is a bit much! They were nice and cool though and not stressed at all, between you and I, think they were enjoying the ride! I did notice however, that we attracted some strange looks as other road users realised what we were transporting, but eventually we arrived home safe and sound.

The day before mum had made their field ready for their arrival. One at a time, mum cuddled them round the waist and they were popped over the fence into the knee deep grass. We watched them for a few moments and they certainly seemed settled so its indoors for a cup of tea and a cool bowl of water for me.

Bye for now, Toby




The little Rabbit.

This morning when we looked out there was a little rabbit sitting in the yard, it was snow white with red eyes so it must have escaped from somewhere.  Mum is worried that Casper our black cat will get it, he is a very good hunter, apparently when he lived in England he used to catch rabbits in the field behind their house. Because where we live there is limestone rock just below the surface we don’t see wild rabbits around us, we think it’s because they cannot burrow very deep.

Mum and I watched with apprehension as Casper walked slowly up the yard, but the little rabbit saw him and ran under the wood pile. Casper is cunning though, he could see us and knows that mum would not be very happy with him, so he walks nonchalantly on. I glanced up at mum but she shrugs her shoulders, the little bunny will have to take its chances here, she says to me, there are many predators around.

This afternoon it’s sitting on the hillside eating the grass, it hops away when it spies Casper so I hope it will keep safe!


harriet the Baby Hedgehog

Hi everyone. I just had to tell you about my walk today. At the top of the road mum was walking  along a grassy track which borders the wood in the lovely sunshine, I on the otherhand had bounded ahead – you humans walk so slow but at least it gives me plenty of extra sniffing time! I regularly look or run back to check on mum during our walks, otherwise she might get lost, you know!

Before I turned the corner into the wood I checked on mum, she was crouched down, camera in hand. Well, I just HAD to go back and see what she was up-to. When I reached her she was looking at a tiny hedgehog. As readers of my book will know, I have a friend who is a hedgehog his name is Horace and he lives at the top of our field, but this one was a long way from there. Anyway, I said hello to her and she told me her name was Harriet, she looked a little scared so I suggested she went back into the undergrowth and found her family again.

When we’d been round the wood we returned on the same track and she was gone, I hope she did find her family.

Well it’s time for me to lay back outside in the shade – the suns a little too hot for sunbathing today, bye …

Michelle and I on Beaumaris Pier

Hi, everyone. I’ve just had a lovely time visiting the UK, we went to see Michelle, my mum’s daughter at Bangor in Wales, where she is at University. It was lovely and sunny and we took a picnic to Beaumaris, sitting by the sea I saw some great big white birds which were Seagulls. Because we live in a wooded valley I hadn’t really seen them close up before, they were HUGE! I was a little put out because, there was I, like a good dog sitting quietly at my mum’s feet waiting for a tidbit when one flew down right next to me and tried to pinch my piece of cheese, well I soon told him where to go!

I had a great time meeting Michelle’s friends and saying hello to the Welsh dogs, you know of course that all we dogs speak doggy language, we don’t have to learn lots of different ones like you humans – life is a lot easier like that – you should try it!

Michelle had bought me some great big biscuit bones and she and her friend Lucy have a lovely garden, so I was quite happy making myself at home and the stone floors were lovely and cool in the heat of the day. We all had such a lovely time that we were sad to leave but promised we would be back soon…




Hi everyone, Today I have been very busy, the chickens have been invading the yard and my mum is not very pleased, so, when I see one, I rush out and herd them back outside the gate. They make a big pretense of not being able to get over the gate, what with them being nearly as round as they are high, but, I know otherwise! You only have to see mum come out of the door with something in her hand which may be slightly edible and they’re soon all hopping over ‘just in case’.

Unfortunately they’re not really scared of me and so they only go as fast as they want to, but I am persistent and soon they are on top of the gate with my nose nudging them back to the other side. The only exception is our white hen, she’s called Bubba and she takes no notice what-so-ever of me, so now I just ignore her too, mind you I was a bit worried yesterday as she came right in the kitchen!

Oh dear, I’ve  just seen another one come over, better dash – bye for now x

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