The summer weather is all very nice, but it makes my life very busy. The kitchen door is always open, which I like because the stone step is wonderfully cool to lie my head on, and the lips at just the right height to be comfy.  The trouble is, if I decide to kip […]

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I’ve decided that it’s confession time. I know it’s hard to believe but I am not infact perfect! Yes, you heard right, you see, I’ve conquered the no chasing animals, cars, joggers, bicycles etc. I do have lots of energy, but I’m not manic – well not too. But, I have to admit, yes here […]

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Today we’ve had a lovely day out, we’ve been back to my breeders for a barbecue! I’ve had a great time, I’ve seen by brother Spot and my dad Sam and had loads of cuddles of course. Now, I noticed this morning the car looked different, then, just when I thought we were leaving to […]

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This morning when we looked out there was a little rabbit sitting in the yard, it was snow white with red eyes so it must have escaped from somewhere.  Mum is worried that Casper our black cat will get it, he is a very good hunter, apparently when he lived in England he used to […]

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Hi everyone. I just had to tell you about my walk today. At the top of the road mum was walking  along a grassy track which borders the wood in the lovely sunshine, I on the otherhand had bounded ahead – you humans walk so slow but at least it gives me plenty of extra sniffing […]

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