My walks have changed at the moment, Mum has a new hobby. Saturday, we went to see a French neighbour of ours and she had a basket on her doorstep. We peeped inside and it was full of mushrooms. Mum asked her how she knew which varieties were safe and she picked one out and […]

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Hi again, I just remembered that I forgot to give you an update on our rabbit. Well, not only is he doing well, but he has a friend, a black rabbit. Our French neighbours are quite concerned, they keep stopping and telling Mum that we have une lapin loose, they only seem to see the […]

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When Michelle stayed, we all went to see my breeders Karen and John at . I had a lovely reunion with my doggy family and even got to meet my brother Dougal. I hadn’t seen him since we were puppies because he went to live in England, but now he’s back in France, with […]

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Well, this weekend was exciting. It was Chris’ birthday and we went to England to see him.  I have been to the UK lots of times before so I tend to sleep along the autoroutes. It’s a good job they have tolls, you know, dad slowing the car warns me and I have a chance […]

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