Since they arrived in the late spring the air around our house has been full of swallows swooping around desperate to catch enough bugs and flying insects to feed themselves and their young. The adult swallows have to feed their youngsters up to 400 times a day! Their nests have been in the barn […]

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  As readers of our blog will know, we have some lovely chickens at Fantasy Farm, and they lay delicious eggs, so I thought it would be nice to share with you some fun facts about them. Did you know?  Healthy Chickens lay about 265 eggs a year, AND they lay the eggs whether or not […]

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Hi everyone, So what is the trouble with duckweed? The trouble is that it looks like grass!!!! Those of you who have read Toby’s Tails – Still Wagging, will remember that when I was only 6 months old I ran straight into a pond covered with Duckweed because I thought it was grass, and last […]

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