The other night Mum and Dad heard a strange beeping sound in the yard, it sounded like something electrical was sending out an alarm, but it wasn’t…

So what could it be?

DSC04432Well, Mum went out to investigate and under a tarpaulin she discovered the answer – it was a Common Midwife Toad!

We love animals as you know here, therefore Mum wasn’t overly surprised when she went into the outside shower the other day and there it was, sitting on the shower mat! Why was she not surprised – well it was very hot weather, and it was cool and damp in there. So, she left the door open to see if it wanted to go out.

I looked in throughout the day, and after a time I thought it had disappeared, but later when Mum checked she found it hiding in a little hole with just its head peeping out, so I guess that’s where it will stay, at least until the hot weather goes.

Did you know that unusually, the Dad Common Midwife Toad, not the Mum looks after the eggs. He carries them in strings around his back and ankles to keep them safe, until they hatch.

After between 20-45 days, the eggs are developed enough to become tadpoles, and so the Dad takes them to a damp environment such as a pond to hatch out.

The tadpoles continue their development and before long they change into little toads. The Common Midwife Toad is adult after two to three years, and the females hibernate in the ground protected from the frost.

Apparently they can live for up to 8 years!

I wonder if we’ll have a shower visitor every summer?


Bye for now. TOBY PAW



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