Agricultural Shows

Hi everyone, I’ve just spent a lovely day at a comice [or agricultural show] there were quite a few dogs around to say hello to and plenty of animals to see. It took place in a small village called Villaines sous Luce, I went there with my mum and her daughter Michelle.

I have never seen so many different varieties of animals. Mum took plenty of pictures especially of the large French draft horses called Percherons.  There were quite a few different breeds of cows, some piglets and even a baby donkey and her monther, she looked sooo cute!


There was also a section of smaller farm animals including some mini goats [Pygmy], the mother was very pregnant and she also had her three babies which were about 8 weeks old with her. The children loved to see the baby ducklings, chicks and rabbits. There were also plenty of tractors on display both new and verey very old.  




Being France though there was one tent with lots of traps outside and on the wall behind the people hung the head of the biggest wild boar [sanglier in French], I was glad I haven’t come across any THAT big on my walks! 

It was a lovely family day out.

No doubt we’ll visit a lot of comice’s during September [which is when they’re on, I’ll tell you about them when we do.

Bye for now…

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