Everyone looks forward to the summer, the doors and windows are open, lazy days, holidays…

However, whatever you are doing it is important to ‘Think Pet’. Many of us like to take our pets with us, indeed our Toby is our constant companion, however, in the hot weather unless he can come with us, or one of us is staying in the car with him, and can have the doors and windows open or him laying outside, he stays indoors. Yes, we get the reproachful looks when we go but deep in our hearts we know it is best for him. Dogs and other animals do die in cars, the temperatures inside the car are up to 40 degrees more than outside, so leave them at home!

Whilst talking about going out, careful thought must be given as to whether you want to take your pet on holiday with you. We personally are happy to forgo the shops and museums in exchange for sharing our holidays with Toby, however this does not suit everyone. Many beaches don’t allow dogs in the summer months, and not many restaurants are pet friendly. So when planning your holiday be practical and if you want to do things which will not involve your pet, then either get a pet sitter, or find a reputable kennels, both options should happily be able to provide you with references.

Also, please remember that although dogs pads are thick, they are sensitive to heat and it is unfair to walk them on hot concrete or tarmac as it could result in them getting burnt. Recognition signs and treatment information can be found here https://www.petmd.com/dog/general-health/paw-pad-burns-dogs-what-do

In the heat try and walk your dog along shaded routes if possible and if they are elderly or infirm perhaps leave out their walks if the weather is too hot. Of course if there is a lake nearby your pet may like to have a swim, or if they are not brave enough, paddle like Toby. However, never force them, not all dogs like water.

We like to think of our dogs as intelligent, and they are, but they do not all have the common sense to lay in the shade or stop playing ball. Some dog are fixated on their balls and will sometimes play and play until they feels too physically exhausted to continue. This is very very dangerous in hot weather and could well result in sunstroke and even death, so it is vitally important that you don’t let your dog do it. There is an excellent article on symptoms and treatment here https://www.animalwised.com/heat-stroke-in-dogs-1255.html 

Remember, the links and information above are for guidance, it is vitally important that if your dog is unwell, or in pain, that you seek the advice of your veterinarian.

And also fresh drinking water should always be available for your pets throughout the year.


Susan and Toby





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