When Michelle stayed, we all went to see my breeders Karen and John at https://www.facebook.com/Le-Chataignier-Chestnutreefarm/186746034697317 . I had a lovely reunion with my doggy family and even got to meet my brother Dougal. I hadn’t seen him since we were puppies because he went to live in England, but now he’s back in France, with […]

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Hi everyone, I’ve just spent a lovely day at a comice [or agricultural show] there were quite a few dogs around to say hello to and plenty of animals to see. It took place in a small village called Villaines sous Luce, I went there with my mum and her daughter Michelle. I have never seen so many […]

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  The summer weather is all very nice, but it makes my life very busy. The kitchen door is always open, which I like because the stone step is wonderfully cool to lie my head on, and the lips at just the right height to be comfy.  The trouble is, if I decide to kip […]

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Hi everyone, Today I have been very busy, the chickens have been invading the yard and my mum is not very pleased, so, when I see one, I rush out and herd them back outside the gate. They make a big pretense of not being able to get over the gate, what with them being […]

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