Hi everyone, On Saint Valentines Day I would like to write a little post (with Mum’s help of course) about love. Sometimes there is a lot of bad press about animals disliking one another, both the same species and different. However when you look around you in the word there are also wonderful examples […]

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  I am offering all my award winning children’s books FREE in celebration of National Multicultural Children’s Book day which is this Friday,  27th January. The links shown are for Amazon.co.uk however the books are free on all Amazon sites worldwide, and the links below, should give you the option of downloading from the Amazon […]

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  Our kitten is growing quickly and now he is competing with me supervising, well in the office at least. Mum spends most days writing, or reviewing books, and my place is at her feet, which is fine as every so often I pop up onto her leg and have a little cuddle. However, Domino […]

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We all know that children get far too many chocolates at Easter. Why not give them a book instead? The Toby’s Tails series of children’s books are ideal for children aged 4 to 9 years who love animals. Whether the animal is a dog, cat, or farmyard friend, Toby’s Tails has a book to suit. […]

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Yes it is my 7th Birthday today, so Happy Birthday to ME

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As you will know from my earlier posts, we have three kittens, Ramesses, Cleopatra and Nefertiti, they are quite big now as you can see from mums photo (this is Nefertiti), and we all enjoy playing together. The only problem with them is that they are taking over my life a bit. You see, they follow us everywhere, […]

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    Isn’t the weather lovely. In the fields on the opposite side of the valley the Sunflowers are really lovely, they are so big that I could get lost in them if I was naughty enough to go in, but I don’t I stay with my mum like a good boy. Here’s a picture […]

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Well firstly I have to admit it wasn’t actually MY graduation, but in my role as V.I.D. [Very Important Dog] I had a lovely opportunity this summer to go again to beautiful Wales in the U.K. and see my bestest friend, and Mum’s human daughter  Michelle graduate from Bangor University. We were very luck as […]

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When Michelle stayed, we all went to see my breeders Karen and John at https://www.facebook.com/Le-Chataignier-Chestnutreefarm/186746034697317 . I had a lovely reunion with my doggy family and even got to meet my brother Dougal. I hadn’t seen him since we were puppies because he went to live in England, but now he’s back in France, with […]

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