Butterflies are beautiful you know. I am watching them from just outside the front door, which Mum and Dad have thoughtfully put a shady porch on so I can sunbathe safely. Nearby is a gigantic bush with long purple flowers on it, it is called a buddleia, and it attracts lots of butterflies. Today it […]

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Now by keeping cool, I don’t mean dressing your dog or cat in sunglasses or putting a straw hat on them – just for the record, my ears would get in the way! I mean remember to keep your furry friends in the shade and never take them out in cars if you are going to […]

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Everyone knows how us dogs love our walks. Well, if you live, or are going on holiday near to Chateau la Valliere in Department l’Indre et Loire in the Centre region (37) http://www.chateaulavalliere.com/index.php/culture-et-loisirs/calendrier-des-manifestations.html  which is just above Tours in the NW of France, there is a lovely walk around the lake there.     The lake has […]

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Yesterday was a lovely day so mum and dad packed a picnic and we all went down to the Loire valley. Mum and dad had a lovely picnic at Saumur,  you can park right on top of the hill next to the chateau http://www.saumur-tourisme.net/chateausaumur_uk.html There are picnic tables there, it’s a lovely spot and you […]

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My walks have changed at the moment, Mum has a new hobby. Saturday, we went to see a French neighbour of ours and she had a basket on her doorstep. We peeped inside and it was full of mushrooms. Mum asked her how she knew which varieties were safe and she picked one out and […]

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Some days you know, now it’s getting cooler, sunbathing is impossible and I have to resort to watching the world from the doorstep, autumn is coming mum says. Also, I have to admit, I don’t really like getting wet, well unless I’m on a walk that is. But an advantage is that now it’s cooler […]

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Hi everyone. I just had to tell you about my walk today. At the top of the road mum was walking  along a grassy track which borders the wood in the lovely sunshine, I on the otherhand had bounded ahead – you humans walk so slow but at least it gives me plenty of extra sniffing […]

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