Chicks and Comfrey

When Michelle stayed, we all went to see my breeders Karen and John at . I had a lovely reunion with my doggy family and even got to meet my brother Dougal. I hadn’t seen him since we were puppies because he went to live in England, but now he’s back in France, with his owner Adam.

The night before, I ‘helped’ mum dig up some of the tall plants with hairy leaves which grow everywhere in the water meadows. Mum says they are called Comfrey and that they are a very useful herb, apparently John wants some of them.

Then Mum and Michelle made profiteroles and covered them in lots of chocolate, just so I couldn’t have any – it’s not fair!

We all had a lovely day. Karen made everyone a delicious lunch with some of her deliciously marinated meat, it smelt sooo good and they dropped a piece by accident so I was allowed it and I can report it really was yummy. She also made a  beautiful big Apple Meringue for desert, which didn’t last long. The weather was so nice they had their lunch outside in the garden whilst I laid in the shade keeping an eye out incase anything else fell off the table:-)

Karen and John had some little chicks. They had heard that we’d lost five of our chickens to the fox and so they said we could have some of their lovely babies to take home.

It was a hard decision, but eventually Mum picked four and they were put gently into a box with plenty of straw in it.

When we arrived home Mum put them in their own little pen but now they are happily settled in with our remaining four big hens.

Anyway, must go!

Bye for now.. Toby x.


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