Christmas Tree Fun with Domino

When animals discover new things it is always such fun, and Domino has been having great fun with our Christmas tree!

Two Christmas’ ago Cleo, Ramesses and Neffi were kittens and we watched them climb in the big Christmas tree, they thought it was great fun and mum and dad didn’t mind.

Their early months and antics can be read about in Toby’s Tails – The Christmas Kittens 



This is Domino the abandoned kittens first Christmas, and he is having such fun! Whilst I lie quietly at her feet, mum wraps the presents, and he is busy jumping on things, getting sellotape stuck to himself, and his favorite party trick flicking pens off of the table.

Today however he discovered the Christmas tree! Mum had put a small one up on purpose and placed it on the dresser, but that didn’t stop him. Someone left a chair in the right place, and before you knew it he was up there, playing with the decorations.


I can see that Christmas is going to be even more fun this year.

Bye for now




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