Companion Animals

Now by companion animals I am not talking about animals as companions for humans, I am talking about animals as companions for each other. I have written this because when I look around me, all the different animals in the household are companions to each other irregardless of their species.

Of course over the years we have had some firm friends of the same species, like Marine my horse, and the lovely old Shetland pony Prudence who lived to the ripe old age of 34.

Also we have the wonderful ‘Christmas Kittens’ the stars of Toby’s Tails – The Christmas Kittens, who were a brother (Rammy a tabby) and two tortoiseshell sisters Cleo and Neffi. They very quickly formed a firm bond with Toby, their Dog-Father who mentored them through their young lives, and provided a fluffy body and tail to curl up into when they wanted to be cuddled.

This time for Toby with the ‘Christmas Kittens’ was to prove invaluable three years later when a tiny abandoned kitten arrived at the house one evening. Now, three years down the line, the little kitten Domino is a large, imposing confident cat thanks to his Dog-Father who spent long evenings in front of the log burner teaching him all he had to know.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that the traditional views of cats and dogs not getting on together are not necessarily true, there is no need to get another dog/cat to ‘keep the other one company. I have to say that our Toby, I know, would not enjoy a ‘canine companion,’ he is quite content with the cats which do their own thing most of the time, and then come inside for rubs and cuddles with him throughout the day. Besides on most of our walks we are joined with Cleo who stands and waits for us to return when we go too far from the house and always meets us every time we step outside the door so she can come back in with us.

We have found that our goats and sheep have always been okay with each other, except when the goats push the sheep onto the electric fence, but that’s another story… Suffice to say, the electric current doesn’t penetrate the sheeps wool, but the sheep do make good fence flatteners which enable the goats to easily jump out. Team work, I think they call it.

Animals, they make you laugh, they make you cry (sometimes) but I for one wouldn’t be without them.


Susan and Toby



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