I’ve had an exciting August, I’ve been to my first wedding!

Chris and Jade's Wedding in Mauritius

Chris and Jade’s Wedding in Mauritius


Mums son Chris (Who can’t resist teasing me!) married Jade in a place called Mauritius. Mum went there; it was a long way away because she had to go by plane! I couldn’t go because apparently if I’d gone I would have missed the wedding anyway because I would have been put in a thing called quarantine [Whatever that is,] for six months! I did miss her but dad looked after me and told me every day that she loved me and gave me a kiss from her.

When she came home, she was very happy and showed us lots of photo’s. Then I learnt that there was going to be another celebration in England, for people who couldn’t travel all the way to Mauritius – like me!




Soon I was off to the vets for my Pet Passport and I had the chance to say hello again to all my human friends at the Eurotunnel Pet Passport check-in.

Pickles and me.

Pickles and me.


The wedding wasn’t until the next day so I had plenty of time to say hello to my human nanny and granddad and play with my best doggy friend Pickles their Lasso Apso. Nanny and granddad always give me plenty of treats and  nanny even sneaks Pickles and me the most tasty pieces of her dinner whilst she thinks no-one’s watching .




The wedding day was very excited, everyone got dressed up, granddad and mum put some streamers on their cars, and off we went.

The wedding took place in a large grassy field under an arch covered with white flowers. Chris and all his friends were already there, they looked very smart in their suits but I was searching for someone very special, Jade’s young brother D.J. He is [I think] my number one fan in England and I knew I was going to meet later.

I watched the wedding from the car but I could hear it clearly, because they left the window down so I didn’t get too hot – it was a lovely sunny day.

I could see lots of people I knew, they were sitting down in two rows with a red carpet between them which went all the way up to the flowery arch.

Suddenly I heard a car arrive, it was the bridesmaids, I craned my head out of the window to see if I could spot Michelle amongst all them and sure enough, there she was.

Chris and Jade

Chris and Jade


Then Chris and Jade’s posh black car arrived and out stepped Jade. Well, usually she looks nice, but today she looked amazing! Just like one of those fairytale princesses, you see in story books. I enjoyed listening to the music and to the lady who was taking the ceremony, next were loads of photo’s. D.J. and mum nearly sneaked over once to see me, but they were called back because they were still needed for the photo’s.







D.J. and me.

D.J. and me.

Before long though I had my chance to meet D.J. he looked very smart and was dressed exactly the same as Chris. He sat next to me and talked to me in a quiet voice. I loved the way he gently stroked my head.

I did move over onto the other seat, just in case he wanted a whole one to himself but he called me back so I had a lovely cuddle with him.  Mum took a picture of us and you can see how happy we are! He wanted to take me into the reception marquee but mum explained that that wasn’t really a good idea. However, he made sure that every time someone came over to see me, he was there too, he even took me for a little wander round so I could stretch my legs.


When it got dark and  the lights went on the dancing started, I dozed a little, curled up on the front seat, but not for long, my friends old and new kept coming to say hello, accompanied by mum and D.J. of course.

Everyone had a lovely time, and when it was time for mum to go, she bought the car nearer the marquee so my friends could say goodbye to me and have a cuddle. I loved seeing them all, but especially my new best friend D.J.

When we arrived back at nanny and granddads we were all tired, but I had time to tell Pickles in the morning all about it, before we had to leave again and go back to France. What an exciting time I had!




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