From Kitten to Cat.

What a difference a year makes!

It doesn’t seem possible that the wonderful young cat who now shares our life here at Fantasy Farm was once a tiny scared kitten, his transformation has been a joy to see.

When we came back off of a short break and decided to sit outside on the patio that September evening last year, we were really surprised to see a tiny black and white kitten crawl out from a crack under a window further down the building, and peer hesitatingly at us.


From the other cats distainful behaviour it was obvious that this little mite would have to stand his ground, and so he has.

Quickly taken under the wing by the eternal dog Father, Toby, Domino, as the kitten is known as, quickly decided he was a dog, after all the colouring is the same and Toby acted as his mentor, and general source of cuddles.

Eventually our ‘little street fighter’ learnt to stand his ground, and under the protection of his Dog Father he was soon languishing in front of the fire last winter, and rewarding our cuddles with deep throaty purrs.

As the winter gave way to spring and then summer, his naturally inquisitive nature and love of a good cuddle has made him a very special member of our family.

It is hard to imagine who could ever have abandoned him at our house, but one thing is for sure – it is their loss, he has found his forever home and repays our love for him in so many wonderful ways.


Bye for now





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