Happy 10th Birthday Toby

Here at Fantasy Farm we love all our animals, however today is a very special day. It is the day that Toby, the star of the series, my constant companion, loyal friend was born.

Toby at 8 weeks old.

I will never forget first seeing him as a tiny puppy when we took our very excited goat Molly to say hello to a nice boy goat. Toby was 8 weeks old and he was sitting quietly with his brother, sister, mum Penny and Dad Sam just inside the gates of  Le Chataignier or Chestnut Tree Farm.

As I watched him play, then fall asleep exhausted with his brother Spot who still lives at the farm (Toby is on the left) I just new we were destined to be together.

We had to wait until he had had his injections, but as soon as possible we brought him home with us and me met our wonderful old Golden Retriever Lucky.

Being born on a farm and coming to our smallholding with its goats, sheep, chickens, and guinea fowl Toby developed from a very young age an affinity and gentleness with all creatures. He was taught the command to ‘leave’ which meant to stop what he was doing, so if there is danger, like a snake about we are confident that however far away we are he will be safe.

Now on his 6th Pet passport our English Border Collie, born in France is a truly international traveller.

He was just over one year old when I wrote my first book, Toby’s Tails, and the words just flew onto the computer screen. During our walks we see lots of wildlife and I take hundreds of photos, many of which are in the books, along with information on the creatures in them.

Picking up any book from the series not only reminds me of how many things we have done together, but also how Toby has matured into the wonderful boy who is sitting at my feet as I write this.

Happy 10th Birthday Toby!

Love your human mum, Susan.


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