Harriet the Baby Hedgehog

harriet the Baby Hedgehog

Hi everyone. I just had to tell you about my walk today. At the top of the road mum was walking  along a grassy track which borders the wood in the lovely sunshine, I on the otherhand had bounded ahead – you humans walk so slow but at least it gives me plenty of extra sniffing time! I regularly look or run back to check on mum during our walks, otherwise she might get lost, you know!

Before I turned the corner into the wood I checked on mum, she was crouched down, camera in hand. Well, I just HAD to go back and see what she was up-to. When I reached her she was looking at a tiny hedgehog. As readers of my book will know, I have a friend who is a hedgehog his name is Horace and he lives at the top of our field, but this one was a long way from there. Anyway, I said hello to her and she told me her name was Harriet, she looked a little scared so I suggested she went back into the undergrowth and found her family again.

When we’d been round the wood we returned on the same track and she was gone, I hope she did find her family.

Well it’s time for me to lay back outside in the shade – the suns a little too hot for sunbathing today, bye …

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