I’ve just had my birthday!

DSC02400Well, it must be another year because I’ve just had my 6th birthday, I was born on the 26th December, my mum waited you see so that everyone could get over the excitement of Christmas and then marvel at her lovely puppies. Here is a picture of me on the front step of my mums home with my brother Spot. Incidentally, I saw him just before Christmas when mum, dad and Michelle went to see Karen, John and family where I was born at Le Chataignier https://www.facebook.com/LeChataignier.france?fref=ts  so I caught up with all of my family as well.




DSC07353Over here in France it’s been very wet, Marine the horse has been wet and muddy a lot and the chickens only just pop out to eat their food, then they retire to the dryness of their coop over in the building opposite the house.





DSC07693However, in the house we have had some excitement, we have three kittens. They are two sister’s Cleopatra [Cleo], Nefertiti [Nefi] and their brother Ramses [Rami]. I thought that they had rather posh names until mum explained that Cleo has markings along her eyes like the Egyptian princesses made with kohl, when I saw a picture, it makes sense. Here are some pictures of them. I really like Nefi and she likes me, she even puts up with me licking her. I must say, I don’t even mind the girls sleeping on my tail, oh, here they come now and they look rather sleepy so I’d best go and give them a cuddle.



Happy New Year everyone!



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