At this time of the year this subject is rightly plastered over all the social media and so it should be. I for one make no apologies for bringing it up again, because if it reaches just one more person, and saves a dog’s life, then it has been worth it.

As I regularly say, our Border Collie Toby comes everywhere with us, however, not if we have an appointment at the hospital or similar, where he would have to sit in the car in hot weather. However sad he looks if we have to leave him, sleeping on the tiled floors is much better for him than sitting in the scorching sun, which quite frankly would kill him very quickly! You should never leave your dog in a car, not even for a couple of minutes in warm weather, not alone the very hot days we are having at the moment where already the temperatures have reached 35 – 40°. A vitally important point to remember is that the temperatures you see on your thermometer and feel are very different from the temperature your dog feels as you can see in the chart below.

Another important thing to remember are dogs pads, they might like their walk but when the temperatures are so high that the roads are melting and the council workmen are going around with gravel lorries trying to settle the tar, the pavements can get extremely hot. Think, would your feet be able to stand it without shoes? The answer would be no, so don’t walk your dog on hot surfaces or you will cause them terrible pain, and you will have to take them for a trip to the vets for treatment.

Water is vital to all creatures but especially in hot weather. The heat not only make us thirsty, but, it also dehydrates. We can turn a tap on, our pets rely on us to provide their water! If you can, it is also nice to keep a bowl of fresh clean water outside for wild animals and birds, everyone feels the heat you know.

So keep those pets in the cool and if they want to lay out in the sunshine like Toby is prone to do, then bring them in. Of course a paddle in a safe water source may be appreciated, if the option is available.


Bye for now Susan and Toby


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