Picnic by the river

Yesterday was a lovely day so mum and dad packed a picnic and we all went down to the Loire valley.

Mum and dad had a lovely picnic at Saumur,  you can park right on top of the hill next to the chateau http://www.saumur-tourisme.net/chateausaumur_uk.html There are picnic tables there, it’s a lovely spot and you can see the  river Loire wending its way down the valley in both directions.  I was too busy though exploring, to look at the river. There were plenty of people to say hello to and of course every so often I had to pop back and check if mum and dad were managing to have their lunch okay. It was quite handy too because, as a thank you for my supervision they managed to find a nice tidbit for me each time – it’s nice to be appreciated!


The Loire is called ‘the mighty Loire’ for a reason, it’s very wide [some cities like Saumur and Tours actually have islands with shops, houses and recreation/picnic spots in the middle of it.]  With all the rain we have had it’s extremely fast flowing at the moment and very spectacular. Mum and I had a lovely walk along its banks, but I wasn’t allowed in because it is tidal and has very dangerous undercurrents.


Mum decided that she could see the Chateau at Angers http://loire-valley.us/19-Chateaux/Chateau-Of-Angers.html from the picnic area and so dad set off to see if she was right, and of course she was 🙂

Dad had driven an enormous triangle by the time we arrived home, just in time to feed Timothy the goat and all his friends their night time hay and lock the chickens in safely.


All the riding around left me quite tired and I was very happy to cuddle up infront of the wood burner for snooze all evening.




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