Hi again,

I just remembered that I forgot to give you an update on our rabbit.

Well, not only is he doing well, but he has a friend, a black rabbit.

Our French neighbours are quite concerned, they keep stopping and telling Mum that we have une lapin loose, they only seem to see the white one!

Mum just smiles.

The rabbits are quite tame, during the day, they are up on the field like in the photo, but at night  and when we are out, they come into the yard and eat the grass there. It’s probably to keep themselves safe from Mr. Fox – I suppose they don’t want to suffer the same fate as the chick in Mums new book The Chicken Patrol!

Anyway, they have made themselves two big warrens, one underneath the caravan and the other underneath the animal sheds, so they have plenty of places to hide if they need to.

The warren next to the animals sheds has a nice big bale of hay infront of it, so they’ll have plenty to eat and line their nest with if the weather’s cold.

They are also very clever because Casper and Pepper the cats are scared of the electric fencing – with good cause, so if the cats are near, they just jump into the goats or sheeps field and they’re safe.

I’ve [well Mum] has added another picture of the white rabbit, the black one is a bit shy but we hope to get a photo of her soon – because she’s quite pretty and VERY long when she’s sunbathing.

Bye for now

Toby x


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