Today we’ve had a lovely day out, we’ve been back to my breeders for a barbecue! I’ve had a great time, I’ve seen by brother Spot and my dad Sam and had loads of cuddles of course.

Now, I noticed this morning the car looked different, then, just when I thought we were leaving to go home, two sheep were put into the back. Now this put me out a bit. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with sheep, I know how to work them but close to I behave impeccably, it’s just that usually the back of the car belongs to me. This afternoon however, I have to share it with mum so she can keep an eye on them.

We’d a fair distance to go and I wasn’t sure how the sheep were going to like it, but after a few minutes they settled down good as gold. I have to admit, we needed the windows down a little for fresh air, two large sheep in a Mondeo boot is a bit much! They were nice and cool though and not stressed at all, between you and I, think they were enjoying the ride! I did notice however, that we attracted some strange looks as other road users realised what we were transporting, but eventually we arrived home safe and sound.

The day before mum had made their field ready for their arrival. One at a time, mum cuddled them round the waist and they were popped over the fence into the knee deep grass. We watched them for a few moments and they certainly seemed settled so its indoors for a cup of tea and a cool bowl of water for me.

Bye for now, Toby




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