Snowy fun For Everyone

Well, firstly I have admit, it’s not fun for everyone, but it looks nice, and Toby just loves to play in it.

The cats are not too sure, Cleopatra is three and so she sensibly decided to pass the snowy days curled up on the a chair, however it was the first time Domino has seen snow and so off the intrepid little hunter went. Unfortunately as soon as he got off the patio and onto the field the snow went over his shoulders…


And so he came in and spent the day asleep on a different chair from Cleopatra, getting over the trauma.

When we went out to feed Marine the horse, and give her some water because her trough was frozen, all he wanted to do was to go for a play.




How could I resist those pleading eyes, even if I did have to stifle a laugh at the snow on his nose.

So we went for a lovely walk around our neighbours frozen lakes.

What better way is there to spend a winter’s afternoon out in the snow, with the sun shining, and your best friend acting like a two year old, instead of the nine years he is?


Until next time…


Susan and Toby


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