Spring is in the air and unfortunately the hormones are rising in the amphibian world. Fantasy Farm is located in a very quiet part of France far away from the madding crowd, however, despite there being very few neighbours, I am sad to see that there are quite a few dead toads on the little […]

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The air is full of the sound of frogs a wooing at the moment. During the day, but especially at night, all we can hear is this. The male and female frogs mated and the female laid the spawn between February and April depending on the temperatures. There is always a lot of frog spawn […]

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The other night Mum and Dad heard a strange beeping sound in the yard, it sounded like something electrical was sending out an alarm, but it wasn’t… So what could it be? Well, Mum went out to investigate and under a tarpaulin she discovered the answer – it was a Common Midwife Toad! We love animals as […]

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