With the hot weather already here in France and many months of summer to come, I thought I would discuss heat stroke, the signs and what you can do if your dog suffers from it. Because of course, when it gets warmer we change our clothing for something lighter, but […]

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Here at Fantasy Farm we love all our animals, however today is a very special day. It is the day that Toby, the star of the series, my constant companion, loyal friend was born. I will never forget first seeing him as a tiny puppy when we took our very excited goat Molly to say […]

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  Everyone looks forward to the summer, the doors and windows are open, lazy days, holidays… However, whatever you are doing it is important to ‘Think Pet’. Many of us like to take our pets with us, indeed our Toby is our constant companion, however, in the hot weather unless he can come with us, […]

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Now by keeping cool, I don’t mean dressing your dog or cat in sunglasses or putting a straw hat on them – just for the record, my ears would get in the way! I mean remember to keep your furry friends in the shade and never take them out in cars if you are going to […]

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