Butterflies are beautiful you know. I am watching them from just outside the front door, which Mum and Dad have thoughtfully put a shady porch on so I can sunbathe safely. Nearby is a gigantic bush with long purple flowers on it, it is called a buddleia, and it attracts lots of butterflies. Today it […]

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As I walk around the lakes this morning with my Mum, my attention is drawn to a very noisy frog which is sitting on a stone. “Good morning Mr. Frog,” I say, but it just ignores me. Then, suddenly, its tongue darts out and it catches a little fly, and quick as a flash it […]

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Yesterday was a lovely day so mum and dad packed a picnic and we all went down to the Loire valley. Mum and dad had a lovely picnic at Saumur,  you can park right on top of the hill next to the chateau http://www.saumur-tourisme.net/chateausaumur_uk.html There are picnic tables there, it’s a lovely spot and you […]

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My walks have changed at the moment, Mum has a new hobby. Saturday, we went to see a French neighbour of ours and she had a basket on her doorstep. We peeped inside and it was full of mushrooms. Mum asked her how she knew which varieties were safe and she picked one out and […]

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Some days you know, now it’s getting cooler, sunbathing is impossible and I have to resort to watching the world from the doorstep, autumn is coming mum says. Also, I have to admit, I don’t really like getting wet, well unless I’m on a walk that is. But an advantage is that now it’s cooler […]

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I’ve decided that it’s confession time. I know it’s hard to believe but I am not infact perfect! Yes, you heard right, you see, I’ve conquered the no chasing animals, cars, joggers, bicycles etc. I do have lots of energy, but I’m not manic – well not too. But, I have to admit, yes here […]

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Hi everyone. I just had to tell you about my walk today. At the top of the road mum was walking  along a grassy track which borders the wood in the lovely sunshine, I on the otherhand had bounded ahead – you humans walk so slow but at least it gives me plenty of extra sniffing […]

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