I am very excited to be writing the tenth book in the Toby’s Tails series of children’s books. In this new book we will be featuring a very different type of animal, and we will be going to another farm to meet them. However, you will have to wait until the title of the book is announced before you discover what the animals are.

As I write, I also look for pictures and am finding myself reminiscing over all the animals who have come to live, and are living now at Fantasy Farm. It is strange to think that some of the animals were here even before our beloved Toby. For instance the baby goats and sheep.

These five were the basis for our herds and went on to have their own young, and even became grandparents, as readers of the series have discovered over the course of the previous nine books.

Of course by this time Toby had arrived at the farm and poor Lucky our aged Golden Retriever was very patient with the exuberant pup and became his mentor.

In fact it was when we arrived home with Toby that we discovered that we had had our very first birth at the farm, a baby lamb.

A year later the very first Toby’s Tails was published just after his first birthday.

Since then we have had chickens.

Guinea fowl, and rabbits.

Of course, over the years some of the animals are no longer with us, which is sad, however they have been replaced by others, and still hold special places in our hearts and live on through the Toby’s Tails stories.

In recent years I have also had my beautiful horse Marine, and her little Shetland companion Prudence.

Then, three years ago Domino, then a tiny kitten decided to invite himself into our house and is now firmly part of the family and Toby’s “brother by a different mother.” However, Cleo, who was one of the “Christmas Kittens” still remembers how they all used to curl up on Toby’s tail, and still does so at every opportunity.

These are just the domesticated animals of course, the stories feature many other wild creatures who live on and around our farm. However the star of the series will always be the handsome Toby Border Collie.

Bye for now…

Susan and Toby

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