The end of summer.

Some days you know, now it’s getting cooler, sunbathing is impossible and I have to resort to watching the world from the doorstep, autumn is coming mum says.

Also, I have to admit, I don’t really like getting wet, well unless I’m on a walk that is. But an advantage is that now it’s cooler I get to go for longer walk, something about it being too hot some days, I don’t know, mum might complain but she doesn’t have my thick coat on.

Before everyone thinks mum is a bad owner, I have to say that normally no walk days are when she has been moving all the goats and sheep’s electric fencing which can be pretty hot in 36 degrees, her face gets really red you know.

You see, I don’t go out, I stay by the yard gate. The sheep are fine and if needed I can round them up like I should, I understand my mums commands.

The goats are a different matter. Mum lets them out when she moves their fencing and they wander wherever they like. If you have read Toby’s Tails you will know that Timothy the very large cream coloured goat was unsure of me at the start and unfortunately I’m not sure that he likes me now, so, just in case [he has very big horns you know] I keep out of harms way. It is handy though that I can watch mum from the gate as it’s nicely in the shade, and if I get bored it’s a lovely cool spot for a doze.

The other day we went went exploring in the woods and whilst I was searching for deer trails, mum picked blackberries as another neighbour had given them some lovely apples and peaches. I have to take their word for that, I don’t like fruit!

Bye for now… Toby x






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