The ponies need water wings.


After a long hot summer and mild autumn, a wet and windy winter has arrived. It is okay for me, sitting indoors.playing with Domino and having to dry the older kittens off with my tongue when they come in, but the ponies are not happy.

The paddock is getting very wet. Both Marine and Prudence enjoy watching us indoors, and have a special place where they can look in opposite the patio doors. They whinny to mum that they are wet, and I even heard Prudence ask Marine if mum had any water wings, but it is just the time of year? They are too big to bring indoors, and anyway, with their thick winter coats on they would be too hot.

You see Prudence is a 33 year old Shetland pony. Shetlands come from the Shetland Isles which are north east of the Scottish mainland. They are sturdy little ponies who work hard, although at 33 Prudence is in retirement and is a great friend for Marine.

Marine is a Fjord Horse x Cob, the Fjord horses come from Norway and are very hardy, as are cobs.

However, before you feel too sorry for them… they have a great big ball of lovely hay in their enormous field shelter and plenty of room to snuggle inside, out of the wind and rain.


I think Prudence has decided to stay there all winter.

Whatever the weather, everyone at Fantasy Farm can stay warm, and dry.

Bye for now…


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