Toad Migration.

Spring is in the air and unfortunately the hormones are rising in the amphibian world.

Fantasy Farm is located in a very quiet part of France far away from the madding crowd, however, despite there being very few neighbours, I am sad to see that there are quite a few dead toads on the little lane next to our house.

Why? I hear you say. Well…. you see a stream winds it’s way through the farm and under the little lane. On our side there are two water meadows and our neighbour has two lakes, and this is where the problem lies.

The wooded valley is ideal for their hibernation but when spring arrives they start their migration to the damper areas. This journey means sometimes they have to cross roads, and because they walk very slowly they are easy prey to cars.

Some places you may see signs like this one warning people to be careful and conscious of toads crossing.

However the most important thing to do is to raise awareness and educate. This is carried out by organisations like Amphibian and Reptile Conservation via their very informative website

So look down, drive carefully and keep our toads safe!


Susan and Toby


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