This weekend was very social one for Toby, he met up with his his canine friends old and new, and this made me think about the importance of socialising your puppy.

It is very important to socialise your puppy, although you should only do so with other dogs which you know are in good health, have up to date vaccinations, and the meeting should be at your home or a place where strange dogs haven’t been, because your puppy will be very vulnerable to diseases until itsfinal set of jabs.

Friends and family will want to see your new puppy, however you mustn’t let it become overcrowded and scared, this could affect it for life. If young children are present they should be taught to be quiet and gentle when they approach and play with the puppy. Young children can unintentionally be rough to dogs without realising it, and it is your, and the parents responsibility to ensure both parties find the experience a nice one.

We were lucky that our Toby was brought up on a farm and was used to cats, sheep, goats, chickens etc., and so when he arrived at Fantasy Farm he took in his stride all the animals we have here. Even if you live in the town, it is a good idea to get your pet used to livestock when it is small and can be held in your arms and easily controlled. There are sometimes reports of dogs chasing livestock and scaring them, whereas this may well be avoided with a little training early on. Incidentally, being a Border Collie is no excuse for chasing things, our Toby was taught very early on the ‘leave’ command and I think it is a very important command. Leave is very simple to teach as it applies not only to joggers, cyclists, animals etc., but also to food and articles. It can easily be taught by dropping something on the floor you don’t want them to have, and saying (not shouting) ‘leave’ very soon your dog will know not to pursue an interest with anything you have said ‘leave’ to.

This year has been very exciting because my daughter Michelle and her partner decided to get a Border Collie puppy called Tom who is nearly 6 months old now. Toby and Tom met when Tom was about 16 weeks and so are firm friends now.

There is Tom and Toby at 16 weeks

Now he is about 6 months and a lot bigger, he’s nearly caught up with Toby!


Then he met the latest edition to our family my niece Abbie’s 11 week old Border Collie puppy Tilly. Toby was the first dog that Tilly had met outside her birth family so we were careful not to let Toby’s exuberant nature worry her, however it wasn’t many minutes before the two were playing happily together.

And of course, no holiday to the UK would be complete without a visit to nanny and granddad’s where he got to play with his friend Pickles the Lassa Apsa.

Socialisation is very important for all young animals and helps prepare them for their life ahead, just remember EVERYTHING is new to them, and they will look to you for protection. The added bonus to this is that in looking to you you will also be strengthening the bond between you.

Wishing you all the close bond of friendship Toby and I have.


Susan and Toby

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