Toby Says – Keep Cool!

Now by keeping cool, I don’t mean dressing your dog or cat in sunglasses or putting a straw hat on them – just for the record, my ears would get in the way!

r1I mean remember to keep your furry friends in the shade and never take them out in cars if you are going to have to leave the car, even if it’s just for a few minutes. With our furry coats we get very hot, very quickly and the heat can very quickly kill us!

Keep the windows down a bit but not fully where we sit, if you don’t have air conditioning. It’s okay if I can stick my nose out, but some dogs are not sensible like me and they would jump out and injure themselves if the windows were completely open.

It’s quite simple really – just think what it would be like for you, if you’re hot, you drink plenty of cool drink – so make sure we always have fresh water available, and take a bottle of water and a bowl out for us too if you take us on trips.

Sometimes when it is hot I go right off my food and only fancy eating it mid evening when the weather gets cooler, so in summer my human mum and dad feed me later, not in the morning like they usually do.

r1Of course, like humans we love to swim, although I confess I prefer to paddle, above is a picture of me having one in my neighbour’s lake, you will notice that I’m also having a little drink.

When we go to the lake we are accompanied by Neffi, one of the kittens, here she is climbing a tree!

I hope all my friends, both canine and human have a lovely summer – keep cool!






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2 Responses to “Toby Says – Keep Cool!”

  1. Andrea Roth says:

    That’s wonderful and needs to be repeated. I make sure my dogs fair well in the summer. We walk early in the mornings, before 10:00am. And I always carry their “care sack” with me which contains three cold water botters, their drinking bowl, waste bags, my cell phone and a bandana.
    I love my dogs and they love me!
    Woof woof from Money (a Black Labrador Retriever/Highlander Newfoundland mix) and Cash (a Parsons Terrier).

  2. Andrea Roth says:

    Also, having dealt with fleas this hot summer, I used table salt sprinkled all over the carpetting in out home, vacuuming it up after two days.
    I also sprinkled multiple boxes of baking soda outside, on the grass, especially where the boys like to lay. It works!
    Hot and ichy body spots have been relieved with apple cider vinegar or wet green tea bags. Money and Cash get a loving massage with this treatment, lol.
    Now, if only htey would stay still to let me brush their teeth! That’s a horror!

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