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Hi everyone, Today I have been very busy, the chickens have been invading the yard and my mum is not very pleased, so, when I see one, I rush out and herd them back outside the gate. They make a big pretense of not being able to get over the gate, what with them being nearly as round as they are high, but, I know otherwise! You only have to see mum come out of the door with something in her hand which may be slightly edible and they’re soon all hopping over ‘just in case’.

Unfortunately they’re not really scared of me and so they only go as fast as they want to, but I am persistent and soon they are on top of the gate with my nose nudging them back to the other side. The only exception is our white hen, she’s called Bubba and she takes no notice what-so-ever of me, so now I just ignore her too, mind you I was a bit worried yesterday as she came right in the kitchen!

Oh dear, I’ve  just seen another one come over, better dash – bye for now x

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