How the Toby’s Tails series of books come to be?

Well Toby the Border Collie, has been the constant companion of the author, since he was a little puppy. He lives at Fantasy Farm (a real place but with a different name) with her, her husband Michael and a variety of other animals both wild and tame. After having had a wonderful childhood learning about pets and wildlife from her parents and grandparents, the author wants to and wants to share her passion, and experience of pets and wildlife with children, educating them through entertaining stories about the animals, and the natural world around them.

The Toby’s Tails series of books are especially written for children who love animals. Each book tells a different story but all of the animals live either here at Fantasy Farm or in the countryside around us.

The first book in the series Toby’s Tails tells the story of Toby’s first year, his settling down and training, and also through Lucky our old Golden Retriever, who is his friend and mentor, children learn a lot about animal care and wildlife watching.

The next two books The Chicken Patrol, and Billy and Daisy’s Big Adventure, feature some of Toby’s other livestock friends and have important lessons on safety woven into the story lines.

Still Wagging catches up on Toby’s life and the readers are introduced to Marine a beautiful brown horse who has come to live at Fantasy Farm.

Just before Christmas one year, we rescued three little kittens, two sisters and their brother, their stories and their first Christmas can be read all about in The Christmas Kittens. The author donates 10% of the profit from each book sold to the Helianthus animal rescue charity.

As with all animals there are happy and sad times. When we lost Lucky we were all sad, however in the story  Saying Goodbye to Lucky, children discover how to learn to celebrate the positive things and are given a wonderful aid to help them with their grief.

Easter is celebrated at Fantasy Farm in book eight, and the readers are introduced to a wonderful 33 year old Shetland pony called Prudence, a friend for Marine.

The eighth book was written especially for the cat rescue and adoption centre ‘Chats du Quercy.’ Toby’s Tails: Toby Visits Chats du Quercy highlights the plight of thousands of abandoned and unwanted pets. Inside you will find some wonderfully heartwarming rescue stories, and take pleasure in the knowledge that the author donates 50% of the profit from each book to the Chats du Quercy.

COMING SOON: Late 2017 will see the publishing of a new story about Domino a kitten abandoned at Fantasy Farm. Alone and unloved when he arrived soon he captures the heart of the family and grows up mentored by Toby.







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