The Toby’s Tails series of children’s books are especially written for children who love animals. Not only do they tell a wonderful true tale about the adventures of Toby the Border Collie who lives at Fantasy Farm, but they also contain lots of information about pets, livestock and the natural world.

The books were born from my own love of animals and the strong bond which developed between myself and a tiny Border Collie puppy called Toby who has over the years become my best friend and companion.

I have always been aware that not all children have parents and grandparents who know so much about pets and wildlife, and some don’t have the opportunity to experience the natural world as much as I did growing up.


As a mum and nanny I know how vitally important it is to instil into children that there are ways to treat animals, and things you should and shouldn’t do. My own children were taught from a very early age that domestic pets are not toys, and that they have feelings just like we do, and feel emotions like happiness and sadness.

In the books children discover through Toby’s eyes about the natural world, from where wildlife like foxes and squirrels live, to how frog spawn turns into frogs. They also see what day to day life is like on a smallholding and where the livestock like chickens, goats, sheep and ponies live.

Christmas time is a wonderful time for most families and having kittens around is so much fun, even if they are naughty and enjoy practicing their climbing skills. However these kittens are especially precious as they were rescued.

Then last autumn we had another addition to our family a little abandoned kitten called Domino who arrived one evening. Shunned by the other cats he found a soul mate in Toby the Dog-Father and has settled down now, happy that he is in fact Toby’s son and really a Border Collie. Read his story in Toby’s Tails: A Kittens Tale.

Some of the books are especially about the farm animals who live here Billy and Daisy the goats, and Bubbles the hen whose chick teaches children a very important lesson about staying with their parents.

Two of the books have a percentage of their profit donated to cat charities, The Christmas Kittens and Toby Visits Chats du Quercy.

However with the joy of owning animals comes the sadness when they leave us for the Rainbow Bridge, and in a very special book Saying Goodbye to Lucky we pay tribute to Toby’s mentor a Golden Retriever who was a much loved family pet for many years. The book is healing in that it teaches children that those who we can on longer see in their normal form are watching over us as the brightest star in the sky.

Because we live in France, many of the books are also available in French and Spanish. The book links on this site

On this link you will be automatically redirected to your own Amazon site, can see the book trailers, and have the opportunity to have a ‘sneak peek’ at any book you wish.



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