Since they arrived in the late spring the air around our house has been full of swallows swooping around desperate to catch enough bugs and flying insects to feed themselves and their young. The adult swallows have to feed their youngsters up to 400 times a day!

Their nests have been in the barn for many years, well a long time before mum and dad moved here!  It’s amazing to me that they can find their way back here each spring after migrating the autumn before to spend their winter in the warmer weather of Africa, south of the Sahara.


We love watching them as the youngsters join their parents and zoom around feeding, and we will be sorry to see them go.

This is their song.


I was worried that they might be thirsty on their long journey home but I heard mum and dad talking and they said that to get water they simply skim the surface of lakes, streams etc whist they are in flight, how clever is that!

Well I suppose at least they won’t have to fight the cats for a place in front of the wood burner this winter like I will.


Bye for now…


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