Who is Mr. Fox?

Mr Fox plays a very visible role in the Toby’s Tails children’s books series. This beautiful animal is a mixed blessing to have around. On the one hand he is a lovely wild creature who we love to see, and yet on the other, in his search for food he is a smallholders nightmare, being responsible for the death of many a chicken.

Toby first encounters as a puppy in the very first Toby’s Tails book, and discovers from his mentor Lucky, the old Golden Retriever that to farmyard animals he is similar to a fox. He is about the same size, has a bushy tail like a fox, and his tail has a white end to it like they have too. However in the UK and Europe the foxes coats are reddy brown to dark brown instead of Toby’s black.

Foxes live in pairs and bring up their young in a underground home called an earth. They feed mostly on rodents but they are opportunists too as Bubbles the hen’s chick found out in Toby’s Tails – The Chicken Patrol. Even though they tend to hunt in the evening, they are not adverse to taking chickens in broad daylight if the opportunity arises. In towns they live happily alongside humans feeding off of the rubbish in dustbins.

They reproduce once a year and the size of the litter ranges between 1 to 11 puppies. Like their canine relatives the dog, foxes are born blind, and their mother looks after the young, whilst the male (Dog) for hunts for food. The young foxes tend to leave the home to find their own territory when they are about seven months old.

One way that they do differ from dogs is that their eye pupils are vertical like cats and this enables them to see better at night.

If you live in an area where foxes are you can easily identify their call, listen to this video, then you will recognise it

If you are lucky enough you may see them playing like they are in the video below’


In the latest Toby’s Tails book, Toby’s Tails – A Kitten’s Tale Domino the abandoned kitten learns about foxes from Toby the Border Collie. Purchasing links to the Toby’s Tails series of children’s books can be found at http://www.tobys-tails.com





Next week Toby and I will be looking at the deer which live in the countryside around us

Bye for now.

Susan and Toby


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